Rishul Bangar

Architectural & Commercial Photographer

About Me

In my final year of studying Architecture, I was awarded Best Student - yet, ironically, instead of the usual gift of a book related to the field, my professors gave me a book about photography.

I am an Architectural and Commercial Photographer based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I have shot over a hundred properties for various clients, including some award-winning projects, and my work has featured in National Geographic Traveller, Business today and Bombay Times. I am also the Architect behind Sets in the City, Mumbai's first outdoor photography studio.

Photography has been an integral part of my life for years now. I had learned how to use a DSLR manually before I owned a cell phone. After completing my foundation course in photography from FX School in Mumbai, I pursued my Bachelors in Architecture from L. S. Raheja School of Architecture affiliated with Mumbai University. My initial muse was wildlife, but soon, owing to my study of architecture, I developed a keener interest in shooting built spaces. Over time I began to assimilate knowledge on the art of making an image stand out in the busy digital world.

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